Homeowner stories - Rob and Lynn's story

Rob and Lynn will soon celebrate a year as Brio homeowners and in that time have really settled into life in their new community.

They were motivated by a move to Brio as their previous village suffered from a lack of facilities. They “knew what they wanted”, and we were able to offer everything they need.

Rob explained how influential his family was in their decision to move to Brio: “Our eldest son is a nurse, and his wife is an occupational therapist and they were concerned we were living at an increasing age in a location that had no back up facilities...he was talking a lot of sense”.

Similarly, “Lynn found it comforting” that their son (in his role as a nurse) was able to discuss questions relating to potential care needs. Our properties are future proofed to take in account future requirements and this was a clear benefit to Rob and Lynn.

They looked at a lot of properties, and as a retired architect, he examined the property with “critical eyes”, but “liked what he saw”.

The fee structure was easy to fathom, and they understood that leasehold is the norm in retirement communities and, like Brian and Caroline, they enjoy the fact that they don’t have to worry about ongoing external decoration or maintenance. Likewise, neither of them are gardeners, but there are plenty of garden facilities and they also have a balcony.

We discussed the alternatives to Brio, and Rob was very quick to dismiss some of the other options; simply saying “they don’t compare, there is no comparison...we felt [one specific alternative] was quite institutional...this certainly isn’t institutional...there is plenty of space”

Rob was very candid during our conversation and spoke passionately about the ongoing support Brio will give them as they get older. It is important to them him that they are part of a community so Lynn has ongoing support should anything happen to him. Likewise, it was lovely to hear that “everybody here is pleased to see you...they can’t do enough for you”.

Rob (75) & Lynn (71) are homeowners in a three-bed property with balcony overlooking the countryside. They chose this so their friends have somewhere to stay when they visit.

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