Why friendships are flourishing at Button House

Meet the Gardening Club – a trio of green-fingered nature lovers who are not only brightening up their homes with carefully cultivated plants, but also adding joyful pops of colour throughout the grounds of their retirement development. Read on to discover why it’s not just the flowers that are flourishing at Button House, but friendships too…

Jean, Pat and Pat have been keen gardeners for years. When searching for a new home, each were adamant that they weren’t ready to throw in the towel (or should that be throw in the trowel?!) just yet. So, whilst elements such as space and accessibility art to get their hands dirty planting up and pottering about to their hearts’ content.

After moving to Button House, they wasted no time in getting to work – growing herbs on their large private balconies and filling pots and planters with a range of bulbs and perennials to provide year-round colour.

They soon bonded over their mutual horticultural interests and together they decided to take things one step further. Whilst there was already plenty of green space and attractive plants throughout the grounds of Button House, Jean, Pat 1 and Pat 2 (which is how they refer to themselves, and like being called after the order they moved in) were keen to up the ante. For the past few months, come rain or shine, they have been busy adding pockets of colour by planting seasonal bedding, rose bushes, heucheras and dahlias. They have also been propagating plants by dividing them up to ensure a constant supply and year round interest. And they have had great success growing herbs such as basil, mint, chives and parsley (which have proved popular with residents with an appreciation for the culinary arts!)

The results of the Gardening Club’s hard work have caught the attention of staff, residents and visitors alike. The beautiful large planters have created a wonderful view from the glazed walkways to the gym and hobby room and have received no end of compliments. 

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Their efforts have even inspired younger generations to roll up their sleeves and try their hand at gardening too. Jean, Pat 1 and Pat 2 are currently working with the Hackbridge 14th Wallington Beaver Scouts), planting bulbs throughout the grounds to create a colourful display for all to enjoy in spring.

As well as enhancing the surroundings for all residents, giving nature a helping hand and doing their bit for the planet, Jean, Pat 1 and Pat 2 all agreed there is another major benefit of the Gardening Club. It gives them the opportunity to participate in a group activity, enabling them to make connections with other people, form friendships, and truly feel part of a community.

In fact, this idea of being part of a community was a major factor in why they each moved to Button House in the first place. “I love living at Button House – it’s a warm and welcoming community” said Jean.

“The staff at Button House are all lovely and have made us feel really welcome and part of the community straight away” continued Pat 2. “I never feel isolated – there is always something going on, and friends and neighbours to talk to in the communal coffee bar, lounge and activity rooms” agreed Pat 1!

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And when it comes to activities, they’re spoilt for choice. “One of the reasons I chose to move to Button House was because it offers many more facilities and activities for its residents than other developments I viewed” explained Jean.

As well as attending the Gardening Club, they all enjoy attending some of the many regular weekly activities on offer, including chair yoga, exercise classes and craft classes. What’s more, Jean has recently taken the initiative to start a book club and is growing the library in the hobby room. Plus, they are all looking forward to the quiz nights which will be starting soon, (if there are any questions about weeding, sowing, pruning or growing, we all know who will be crowned the winners!), and of course the possibility of a ‘Pat 3’ expanding their trio soon.

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