From Colorado to the Cotswolds - meet our inspiring resident Judy Lynn

From living in Colorado to moving to the Cotswolds - and living in all seven continents in-between - it’s safe to say that Judy Lynn, 74, is a jetsetter with a passion for life. Now ‘settled’ between England and America, Judy shares her journey of finding her forever-home with her trusty dog Sable, in the beautiful Cotswold village of Stow-on-the-Wold and how retirement is just the start of things to come…

“I’ve always loved to travel – it’s in my blood! Between growing up in America, moving to Colorado after I’d finished my first university degree, to walking into Beechwood Park in Stow in April last year – I’ve experienced a lot of the world, but I couldn’t be happier here.”

Judy studied education for many years and worked as an exchange teacher – with her first UK placement on the Isle of Wight. She returned to Colorado to study further whilst bringing up her two children, and upon gaining further degrees she decided that working overseas was her calling. “Working in international schools was thoroughly enjoyable”, shares Judy. “I held the role of Principal (similar to Head Teacher) in Japan, Jordan and just outside London.”

During those years Judy travelled to all seven continents, especially enjoying Antarctica, South America and the Scandinavian countries. “I love all of England”, she continues, “but the Cotswolds has my heart. I’ve holidayed in England many times with lots of friends and stayed for a fortnight in Stow previously – so I know the area well and it won me over.”

Judy’s moving story didn’t come without drama though, as she was in the process of building a home in Colorado when she fell in love with a beautiful two-bedroom bungalow at Beechwood Park. “It wasn’t meant to happen like this – but what is in life – it was a truly exciting adventure!”, Judy laughed whilst sharing her story. “I’d been dog sitting for friends in The Cotswolds last year when a friend came to visit. We were exploring the local area when we saw the sign for Brio’s Beechwood Park. I had no intention of moving to the UK never mind Stow, but I love how life throws curveballs, and this is a wonderful one!

“Basically, we decided to go and have a look inside – and we were wowed! Sandy and Elle at Beechwood Park showed us around and I just knew that’s where I wanted to live. I went for a second look around and then attended a coffee morning – I have to say Sandy and Elle are great salespeople, but my bungalow sold itself! It’s a beautiful two-bedroom, open-plan property and I also have my own garden which is just perfect. I love spending time outside planting, and my beloved Cavachon called Sable loves greeting neighbours walking by on the paved paths.

“My bungalow was the last one available – they were extremely popular, so it feels like it was meant to be. The homeowners here are such a friendly and lovely bunch of people – and we’ve established a great friendship group. I’ve recently set up a book club and there are ten of us who meet monthly.

I also enjoy attending the quiz nights here – they are great fun! I spend my time visiting the open gardens, going to concerts, theatre productions and farmers markets in the nearby towns, and I love driving and walking around the area exploring. I enjoy going for pub lunches on our Beechwood mini-bus and joining in the wine and cheese events here in the Hub at Beechwood Park. Several of us take turns in hosting drinks evenings in our homes too – I’m busier here than in Colorado!”

Judy has a trip back to Colorado planned during the UK summer and is looking forward to catching up with her family and friends there – along with Sable who is now a frequent flyer too. “I currently split my time between Colorado and The Cotswolds, but I do think, that as the years progress, I will eventually settle full time at my beautiful Beechwood Park home. I’m lucky in that Sable is a service dog, so once we’ve completed his paperwork for each journey, he can sit by my feet on the plane. He’s a very well-behaved passenger and sleeps most of the nine-hour flight!

“I adore seeing my now grown-up children and four fabulous grandchildren, and I still thoroughly enjoy skiing and hiking when I’m in Colorado – I hope not to have to give those hobbies up any time soon, and I’ve completely embraced the facilities on offer at Beechwood Park and am now a frequent gym-goer and I love using the jacuzzi after my workouts.”

Judy also enjoyed a UK winter at Beechwood Park and participated in many festive offerings in and around Stow-on-the-Wold. “The twinkling lights and snow were a magical experience”, continues Judy, “and I threw myself into the whole atmosphere of the season.

I’m proud that I’ve embraced the entire lifestyle here – everything and everyone is just so positive that it makes every day enjoyable. The team is friendly, caring, thoughtful and so, so creative! Recently I’ve enjoyed a delicious Sunday lunch, a beautiful afternoon tea and even an Olympics themed Comic Relief event arranged by the Concierge team. It was truly wonderful to be a part of – the team went above and beyond in creating the event for everyone at Beechwood Park - raising funds for an important charity whilst having a marvellous time, it was an ideal combination.

“I’ve even managed to find a long-lost cousin in the UK with the help of my sister who studies genealogy – and we’re meeting for the first time for coffee this week. I also have more friends visiting soon from both the Isle of Wight and America. I just love the opportunities life is throwing at me – retirement really is so freeing and wonderfully enjoyable.

“I have nothing but good things to say about Beechwood Park – the homes, the people, the location, the offerings and especially the wonderful team here. I am so thankful I saw the Brio sign during my day of exploring. I may not have finished building that home in Colorado, but I’ve built a truly magnificent life here at Beechwood Park.”