Why your community matters

Being part of a community and feeling a sense of belonging is fundamental to our overall happiness and wellbeing as humans.

As we get older, we often spend more time in our home and local community, so this primal need can have a far greater impact on our quality of life.

Shared experiences and social interaction with others can help to make us feel good and ward off depression but getting involved with social activities can also help us to stay mentally sharper for longer According to the Global Council on Brain Health, “older people who are more socially engaged and have larger social networks tend to have a higher level of cognitive function”.

Plus, the challenges of social isolation and loneliness are far less likely when we have wider social support. Being independent together, with a safety net of support as and when we need it, is the key to helping us all experience greater happiness and wellbeing as we get older.

A community within a community

The great news is that at Brio Retirement Living, we’ve designed our communities to support and encourage independent living within a friendly environment where you can be as social as you want.

At the heart of every Brio community, you’ll discover our hub where you can take part in a wide range of events and activities where you can explore new hobbies, from wine and whisky tasting, gardening and cookery clubs, to fitness classes, such as yoga and Pilates, and even day trips out to the wider area.

Plus, our Slate & Grain brasserie and bar on site is the perfect spot to enjoy afternoon tea or Sunday lunch with family and friends.

Every Brio development is a community in its own right, but we've also taken great care to choose locations where you'll feel a part of the wider community. Shops, beautiful green spaces, places to eat and drink and other amenities such as GP surgeries and pharmacies, can be found close by - meaning you can truly make the most of your retirement years.

But whether you are a member of one of our communities or simply seeking ideas to find ways to interact with and enjoy the company of others, there are plenty of great ways to get more social.

Top tips to get more social

From taking a trip to the supermarket with a loved one, to meeting up for coffee and a chat at a nearby café with a friend, there are plenty of exciting opportunities to meet with others, discover new hobbies and get more social!

Here are just a few activities that you could get involved with:

  • Days out with friends or family
  • Visits to the local supermarket or shops
  • Beauty treatments at the hairdressers or with a beauty therapist
  • Meeting with others at the café or at the local pub
  • Cinema and theatre visits
  • Joining a local club or discovering a new hobby
  • Health and fitness classes, such as yoga or Pilates
  • A walk with a friend or loved one
  • A video call with family if it isn’t possible to meet in person


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