Top tips for keeping warm

Us Brits love to talk about the weather. The temperatures might be higher than normal for this time of year and Spring is edging closer, but there is still a bitter chill in the air and the nights still cold, the question on everyone’s lips is – how are you keeping warm?

To answer that question, we’ve compiled our top tips which will not only help you stay cosy, but help to reduce your energy bills too. Win, win!

1. Check your heating system

Your home should ideally be heated to between 18°C and 21°C. This is especially important for those with respiratory or heart problems. To ensure your heating system is working as efficiently as possible, get your boiler serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer and bleed your radiators to ensure they are heating up fully. Some people also swear by popping a sheet of tin foil behind their radiators to reflect the heat into the room.

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2. Invest in energy proofing

If you live in a period property, it’s worth energy proofing your home to keep draughts out and warmth in. Double glazing, loft and floor insulation can be costly, but you should feel an immediate difference.

3. Make a draught excluder

Draughty door? Block out the chill by getting creative and make a draught excluder. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can really go to town embroidering and adorning the fabric to match your interior décor. And if you’re not so comfortable with a needle and thread, you can still have a go – simply find an old pair of tights, stuff it with old rags, towels, newspapers or plastic bags, then tie the end with a ribbon to secure.

4. Close the curtains

Keeping your curtains open during the day will allow sunlight to flood in and heat your space. Close them as it starts to get dark to trap the heat in. Better still, add thermal lining to minimise any heat escaping.

5. Layer up

When deciding what to wear, it’s best to opt for several layers that will trap heat in between. Start with a base layer like a thermal vest, add a long-sleeved top, then a fleece or woolly jumper. Layer up your home in a similar way – get a couple of snuggly throws for your sofa and a quality duvet and blankets for your bedroom.

6. Get active

It’s important to keep moving throughout the day to aid your circulation. You don’t even need to leave your house to do so – search online for armchair aerobics fitness sessions and have a go at a few knee extensions, toe lifts and overheads presses to get your blood pumping.

7. Cook up a storm

Revisit some classic family favourite recipes – hearty stews and soups are known as ‘winter warmers’ for good reason!

8. Hug a mug

Who doesn’t love a good brew? So pop the kettle on and top up your teapot throughout the day to warm yourself up from the inside. And why not fill up a hot water bottle while you’re at it?

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