Rightsizing doesn’t have to be daunting

Rightsizing to a smaller property in retirement makes sense on so many levels. From a financial perspective, it can free up cash to spend on the things you love. And from a practical point of view, with less cleaning and general maintenance required, it can free up valuable time too.

Yes, despite these obvious bonuses, some retirees may feel a little daunted at the prospect of selling up and moving on. That’s because a home is so much more than merely a place to clean and maintain! A home is a place that offers comfort and security, one that holds memories and provides the perfect setting to create even more.

With that in mind, we reveal how a new smaller home can provide all that and more, and why downsizing doesn’t have to be daunting…

Top four reasons to rightsize in retirement

  1. Financial gain: Selling your current property and moving to a smaller less expensive home can provide a welcome cash injection. Making that extra money readily accessible rather than tied up in assets can make retirement all the more enjoyable – whether you choose to spend it on hobbies, holidays, or treating the people you love.

  2. Ease of living: A smaller home is easier to clean and maintain, so you can spend less time on the everyday mundanities and more quality time getting the most out of life.

  3. Energy efficiency: A smaller home is cheaper to heat and to run – a hot topic given the rising cost of energy and the growing need to live more sustainably.

  4. Health and safety: A smaller home can provide the ideal solution to those experiencing reduced mobility, especially if stairs are becoming an issue, for example, and the new home provides everything you need on one level.

Head versus heart

If your head is telling you that downsizing is the sensible way forward but it all still feels a little overwhelming, don’t worry. Here are five suggestions of how to address those niggling feelings and turn the process of downsizing into a wholly positive experience:

  1. Time to declutter: So many of us spend a lifetime accumulating stuff and we hold on to many items purely out of habit. But as William Morris once said; 'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful', so look at downsizing as the ideal opportunity to declutter. It could just give you the mental boost you need, after all, they do say ‘Tidy house, tidy mind’! Of course, you can bring items with you that hold sentimental value, but if you have things languishing in your attic that you no longer use, now is a good time to pass them on to family members. Alternatively, you could make some money from selling them at a car boot sale or online. Or you could donate them to charity and get the feelgood factor that comes with knowing you’re helping someone else set up home.
  1. An opportunity to bond: Ask friends and family to help you sort out your belongings and tackle it room by room. Talk about your belongings, the story and the meaning behind each one – it could be a valuable opportunity to share memories and bond.
  1. Make your new home truly yours: Surround yourself with the things you love – choose uplifting paint colours or add textural soft furnishings that make you feel cosy and snug. Add a few plants that you can nurture and grow, and hang treasured family photos on the wall.
  1. Organise a housewarming: What makes a house a home is the memories you create there, so don’t waste any time! Organise a small housewarming as soon as you’re settled – whether it be a small gathering of close friends and family, or an informal invitation to your new neighbours to join you for tea and cake. 
  1. Embrace the fresh start: They say a change is as good as a rest, so view the process of downsizing as an opportunity to reinvigorate your life. New surroundings, new neighbours, new experiences – look for the positives that your new property offers you.

Rightsize your property. Upsize your life.

Whilst a Brio home may be smaller than your current property, it comes with a BIG list of benefits. Every Brio home has been thoughtfully designed and future proofed with modern energy efficiency in mind, level access, your own private outdoor space  and cutting-edge smart technology as standard. Safety and security is paramount, with 24/7 on-site support available. Plus, each property and homeowner forms part of a unique integrated retirement community which offers ample opportunities to socialise and experience new hobbies and activities.