Protecting Homeowners and Local Communities

Our Brio Retirement Living colleagues at Landale Court in Chapelton played host to Aberdeenshire Police representatives this weekend, helping customers learn more about fraud. 

Crime Reduction Officers visited the emerging Brio community to speak with customers and offer them advice on a range of issues, including how to avoid pension scams, phone scams, investment scams, as well as guiding attendees about how they can stay safe online. The officers also distributed information from Age Concern and Safer Scotland – the complete document can be viewed here.

Speaking after the event our Brio Retirement Living’s Director of Operations Karl Hallows said: “We are committed to creating communities in which our customers can live their best lives, with brilliantly-designed homes, green space, amenities and access to care that allow people to feel secure in later life.

“There are however still threats that prevail, with many older and vulnerable people falling foul of scams and fraud; by partnering with the Police, we hope to have given our customers the advice they need as they keep themselves safe. I thank so many of them for attending on the day.”

Landale Court boasts 71 brand new homes – featuring 1- and 2-bedroom cottages and apartments. All of the properties are available to rent, part buy/part rent or to buy; they have been expertly designed for customers over the age of 65 with well-designed quality kitchens and bathrooms, room layouts that promote space and natural light. Outside of the homes, customers also benefit from great amenities including the neighbourhood green, fire pit den, quiet garden as well as The Hub – the social heartbeat of the community filled with a hobby room, club room and the Slate & Grain Brasserie, Bar and Coffee Lounge.

Additionally, Landale Court recently opened its brand-new gym which offers a range of facilities to local people, with memberships available for just £9.99 a month. Find out more here.

These are Age UK’s top tips to avoid scams and fraud

  • Don't rush into anything. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Do your research. Make sure a company is reputable by checking for a contact number and postal address and membership of a trade association.
  • Know who's on your doorstep. Check before you open your door, and don’t feel bad about asking someone to leave if you don’t know them. If someone refuses to leave, you can call the police.
  • Be wise to cold call scams. Ignore unsolicited invitations such as letters, emails or phone calls offering a brilliant investment or saying you’ve won a lottery.
  • Be aware of new pension scams. New rules allowing people to access their pension pots from age 55 have created opportunities for new scams. Be cautious of anyone claiming to know about loopholes, talks about overseas investments or says you can get your money before age 55.
  • Report it. Don't feel embarrassed or ashamed if a scam happens to you. Unfortunately it’s much more common than people think. Contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 to report it and get help.