Older people living in retirement communities are happier and healthier, new ARCO research reveals

It’s official! Older people who live in retirement communities are healthier, more active, more social, more secure and live happier lives than those who have not made the move into a retirement community yet.

This is something we have been shouting about for a long time and is fundamental to the Brio Lifestyle on offer at our retirement communities under development in England and Scotland.

In-depth research carried out by ARCO, the main body representing the retirement community sector in the UK, and ProMatura International, has revealed this week (5 June 2019) that older people living in retirement communities are in fact happier and healthier.

The poll, the largest ever conducted of retirement community residents and prospective residents in the UK, surveyed 2,799 residents from 81 retirement communities run by 15 operators, and 1,111 older people who are considering a move to a retirement community.

The research found that people living in retirement communities:

  • Stay healthier for longer
  • Are more active
  • Are less lonely
  • Have a greater sense of a safety net
  • Feel more secure
  • Enjoy life more
  • Enjoy more privacy

Jane Barker, Chief Executive of Brio Retirement Living, said: “The benefits and value of retirement communities are fantastic for the older people who live in them, their families and wider society.

“It is great to hear directly from a truly representative sample of older people who are living in retirement communities in the UK about their experiences and the positive impact it is having on their health and wellbeing.

“We welcome these findings and applaud ARCO for conducting the research and bringing such a wealth of high-quality data to the sector.”

This summer we will be welcoming the first homeowners into retirement communities we are building in Stow-on-the-Wold, Hackbridge and Chapelton in Aberdeenshire.

Jane added: “I’d encourage anyone who is considering a move to a Brio retirement community to have a look at the research to discover for themselves the positive impact such a move could have on their lifestyle.

“For older people today, retirement is a time when you can live life your way and make your golden years truly golden. Owning your own home and being part of a vibrant, safe and secure community, surrounded by like-minded friends and neighbours means you can have an altogether better retirement.”

The ARCO research also found that:

  • 90% of residents thought they had moved to a retirement community at just the right time.
  • 71% of residents saw moving into a retirement community as a chance to make new friends.
  • Retirement community residents felt more in control of their lives.
  • By a huge margin, residents of retirement communities believe that their lives are now better than they were a year ago.

If you or a family member are thinking of making the move to a retirement community, please contact us where a member of our friendly team will be able to answer your questions.