Mr Jones shares why making the move was the best thing he ever did

“My grandchildren love coming to Button House to see me and the team here! I have absolutely no regrets”

Retired headteacher Ian Jones, 73, moved into Button House in the summer of 2022 and says that he “couldn’t be happier”, with a huge smile on his face. Not only is he living closer to his beloved daughter and grandchildren, but he’s no longer feeling isolated and is enjoying his daily gym sessions whilst living life to the full in his dream home.

Here, Ian takes some time out from his activity-filled day to share why making the move to this Brio Retirement Living development in pretty Hackbridge is the best move he’s made!

“I’d been living in my three-bed semi in West Sutton for 14 years. It was nice enough, but I lived alone following the split with my wife and had become to feel more isolated - sometimes I’d go days without seeing a neighbour to say hello to which was making me feel increasingly downhearted. Additionally, I wanted to move somewhere closer to my daughter and my two grandchildren - who I love spending time with.

“My son lives in Australia with my two other grandchildren – I visited them last year but it’s a tough journey so I’m looking forward to showing them my new home when they visit here in the next year – he’s very happy I’ve moved to Button House.”

Ian’s home-move journey began last year and he viewed a number of properties near his daughter. He’d seen a few terraced properties in the area, but they didn’t tick his wish list. A chance suggestion changed everything.

“I’d already started looking at houses, but I just couldn’t find ‘the one’. My daughter had been popping into the coffee lounge at Button House whilst working and suggested that we should go together to see what the development was like. She suggested it on a whim and expected me to say no … but I knew instantly from the moment I stepped foot inside the development that I had to buy a home there!

Ian found everything he was looking for at Button House and continued: “From the off I just had a lovely feeling about Button House. The team here are fabulous, the other homeowners welcoming and the facilities ideal for my needs. I live with Parkinson’s, so I use the onsite gym every day which makes a world of difference to me physically and mentally – it’s a breath of fresh air!

The team showed Ian and his daughter around a number of properties including the show home – Ian decided to purchase a two-bedroom apartment on the fourth floor that he could put his own stamp on.

“When I walked into my new home – with its two balconies – I was instantly sold! The floorplate is much larger than my old house and it’s just a dream. I was ready to embrace this new chapter in my life so I got rid of all my old furniture and belongings and treated myself to new everything! This was a fresh start for me and therefore I wanted lovely new things to furnish my home with.

“The moving process was easy too. Luckily my daughter helped me out but for those not as fortunate as me, the team at Button House cannot do enough to ensure the transition is smooth and enjoyable. I look out over the local area from my top floor balcony and breath in my new air – it’s an absolute pleasure.

Ian’s grandchildren attend Hackbridge Primary School and are closer to their grandad than ever before. “I’m very fortunate in that I can see my wonderful grandchildren in their school playground from my balcony” explains Ian. “I get daily waves whilst they’re playing out and they often come and visit me before or after school too. We enjoy hot chocolates together and they love coming to visit the Button House team as much as visiting me! I’m also fortunate that I’ve got two bedrooms so they can come and stay with me too. The development is so family friendly and my life really is superb.

Brio Buttonhouse Ianjones4

“Day-to-day I couldn’t be happier – I’ve made a good friend in another homeowner here and we go to the local Indian restaurant for meals and the pub for drinks together. It’s only a 300m walk round the corner – so it’s very handy. I also meet up with others in our onsite coffee lounge and join in with the chess club and other activity sessions hosted here. The gym is my main go-to though which I thoroughly enjoy every day.

“The team here and the residents are a joy to socialise with and there’s a great atmosphere at Button House – I’m certainly not sat here twiddling my thumbs! But equally there’s never any pressure to join in, so if you do fancy a day of peace and quiet, you can have that here too. Best of both worlds!”

Brio Buttonhouse Ianjones5

The location of Button House is perfect for Ian too. Located close to a Sainsbury’s store where he does his shopping, a local café he frequents with family and friends and the development boasts a Dr’s surgery and chemist just metres away. Ian is also at home with the team here who are on hand to help with any requirements big or small.

“I was doing yoga the other day”, explains Ian, “when a team-member took a phone message for me. It was from my ex-wife – who I’m pleased to say I’m on good terms with – so it’s nice to know someone is always around to help and keep you in the loop. It’s great for those who don’t have a family network nearby too as they’re safe in the knowledge that they’ve got someone who cares onsite every day.

“I genuinely have no regrets at all. My only irk – and it’s a tiny one – is that I now have to get a taxi to my beloved Sutton United Football Club. I used to live in walking distance but it’s really no big deal and if that’s all I’ve got to complain about I’d say I’m on to a winner! Moving here to Button House is 100% the best thing I could have done. My retirement is easy, enjoyable and I thoroughly love living here – I can hand on heart say I haven’t been this happy for many years and long may it continue!”

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