Make a Poppy with Brio

Brio Landale Court are wanting your help...

We are going to create a poppy wall display and are asking our homeowners, friends, family and YOU to get knitting! Never knitted before? This is your chance to try something new!

Instruction - Poppy Pattern

  1. Cast on 60 stitches with red wool
  2. Work 4 rows of garter stitch
  3. Next row knit 3 together across the row
  4. Next knit 3 rows
  5. Next row knit 2 together across the row
  6. Next knit 2 rows
  7. Next row knit 2 together across the row
  8. Thread needle through the rest of loops gather up tight and
  9. Sew the seam up.
  10. Cast on 16 stitches with black wool
  11. Cast off
  12. To make up twirl black inset into the poppy and sew to secure

To allow enough time to make the display, all poppies need to be handed in to the reception at Landale Court by Friday 4th November.