Learning to live longer better

We’ve teamed up with Sir Muir Gray, former Chief Knowledge Officer for the NHS, and Learning with Experts to help people over the age of 60 make active changes to their lifestyle to live longer, better.

Sir Muir has developed a course, Living Longer Better, based on extensive experience in public health and a passion for changing the way we look at the process of ageing.  

Scientific research suggests that slowing the ageing process (senescence) is now a realistic goal, and we should do everything we can to meet this but at the moment there is no drug that can do this. However, because the normal ageing process is not the cause of problems till the 90s, there is much that can be done to slow and reverse the changes that too many people assume are caused by ageing. Knowledge is the elixir of life, not a potion, and it is consumed not out of a bottle but by learning about:

  • Keeping fit and getting fitter, physically and mentally
  • Coping with the diseases that come along as a result of living in the modern world
  • Thinking positively and with purpose

Within the course, Muir explores actions you can take to optimise your health by delving into the science both about what is happening to us and the science about what we can do to influence that. He demonstrates how you can reduce your risk of dementia and disease and improve your overall wellbeing.

Live a better life

Muir’s aim is to inspire you to change your life, helping you to develop a plan so that you can optimise your physical and mental wellbeing, improving body , brain and mind. brain health enabling you to live your best life. You will learn about the importance of physical exercise.

This course, delivered by Learning with Experts, is designed for anyone who is looking to live a better life, and for anyone who is caring for an elderly person. Knowledge is the enemy of disease, and after this course you will have all the tools to ensure that you have the best quality of life possible.

Brio Retirement Living has teamed up to offer members of our community, and their loved ones, access to Sir Muir’s course. The course, which costs £35 and covers everything from the ageing process, to fitness and disease prevention, is available online and can be completed at your own pace.

The collaborative classroom environment will give you the opportunity to share your experiences with others who are learning and adapting, and together you can change the way that people look at getting older – together we will live longer, and better. Muir strongly believes that humans are tribal, and this form of online group learning will play an increasingly important part in life-long learning.

Join the course

As part of our commitment to living well in later life, encouraging everyone to enjoy a sense of wellbeing by maintaining a healthy, active and fulfilling lifestyle, we’re offering a 20% discount if you sign up to complete the course!

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