How to Declutter Your Home

Sometimes less is more. Decluttering can help transform your home, make you feel more organised and even trigger health benefits.

Taking inspiration from world-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo, Brio’s interior designer Anna Perivolari shares her insights on how to declutter.

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Categorise your belongings

Start by separating your belongings into different categories such as clothing, books, cleaning products, toys, and kitchenware. Then classify the items in each category based on whether they are still functional, regularly used or make you happy. This will make it much easier to identify and remove redundant items that no longer work, meet your needs or reflect your lifestyle.

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Think about the environment

Consider fixing items that don’t work and/or whether some belongings can be repurposed, recycled or reused, especially clothing. This is important for sustainable living and minimising the impact of your decluttering on the environment.

Be storage savvy

Store the items you wish to keep but make sure you save space and can easily see them to prevent you buying things that you already have. This can be achieved by using clear boxes and folding clothes vertically in drawers rather than stacking them on top of each other.

Keep items of the same sizes together and use smaller boxes inside drawers to create separate sections, providing items with a designated spot which makes it easier to store them after use.

Use less accessible shelves or cupboards for things that aren’t used regularly such as seasonal decorations or dinnerware for special occasions.

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Make space for memories

Sentimental objects such as photos, souvenirs or pictures bring joy to a space, so always make sure there is room for personal belongings which bring back memories and make you smile.

Go digital

If possible, create digital copies of documents by scanning them and request paperless statements and correspondence from organisations such as banks. Recycle any paper copies of documents which are no longer needed.

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Re-evaluate your needs if moving

If you have to declutter as you are moving home, start by assessing your furniture and how much of it will be able to fit into your new property. Consider selling or donating anything which is too large.

If you are downsizing, consider all corners of your new home and potential storage options such as under the stairwell or bed. If needed, invest in multi-purpose furniture with hidden storage such as seating with space underneath.

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