Everyday savings that can make a big difference to your retirement

We’ve all seen the headlines about the rising cost of living. Energy bills, fuel, groceries – it would appear everything is on the up. But worrying about finances is not what retirement should be about. 

So here at Brio Retirement, we’ve compiled a list of ways to help you save money. You might be pleasantly surprised at how these little savings soon add up…

1.Time for tea?

We’re known for being a nation of tea drinkers, in fact we consume 165 million cups every day here in the UK. Of course, we’re not suggesting you cut it out altogether – where would we be without our morning cuppa?! But before you pop the kettle on, make sure you fill it with just the amount of water you need – anymore than that and you’ll be boiling away the pennies.

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2. Dial it down

Turning down your heating by just 1°C could reduce your annual fuel bill by as much as 10%. You’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference when it comes to the temperature, but you will when it comes to your wallet.

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3. Play it cool

If your laundry is starting to pile up, try holding off just a little longer; it pays to wait until you have one large load, as opposed to doing lots of little loads. Plus, switch from a 60°C to a 30°C washing cycle and you could save over a third of the energy. Afterall, most washing powders work just as well at a lower temperature, so no need to worry about your whites being anything less than dazzling.

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4. Cash in on a new bank account

Some banks offer bonuses to those who switch their current account. The process usually takes around seven days to complete and you could be welcomed with up to £150 in your new account. Search online for the best deals and you could be quids in in just a week.

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5. The biggest turn offs

Electrical appliances in ‘standby’ mode account for 5% of our total domestic energy consumption. TVs, desktop computers and phone chargers are the top culprits for sapping energy when they’re not in use, so make an effort to turn off and unplug when you’re not using them.

6. Lightbulb moment

Not only do modern, energy-efficient lightbulbs use just a quarter of the electricity, they can last up to 10 times longer than traditional incandescents. And you probably won’t be able to tell the difference; an energy-saving light bulb produces the same amount of light at 13-18W as the traditional 60W bulb. Make the change and you could save up to £60 over the lifetime of the lightbulb. And remember, you’ll save even more money if you remember to switch off the light when you leave a room.

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7. Food for thought

Think you can differentiate between a luxury brand and a supermarket own-brand? Put it to the taste test! Switch brands, switch supermarkets, and see how much you can save. Better still, plan your meals in advance and stick to a shopping list to avoid being tempted by those unnecessary BOGOF purchases. It also pays to be savvy about your timing – you can pick up a range of yellow-stickered reduced items in the evening. Finally, up the quantities, batch cook and freeze leftovers to enjoy later.

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Rightsize your home, upsize your savings

These easy, everyday ways to save money can be a great way to reduce outgoings. But for even bigger savings, it pays to consider making a move.

For those looking for greater peace of mind when it comes to keeping the cost of living down in your retirement, take a look at what’s on offer at a Brio Retirement community near you.

Join our vibrant age-exclusive retirement community

At Brio Retirement, we offer a true alternative housing option for those seeking the opportunity to live independently or requiring support or care in their own carefully designed home, as part of an integrated retirement community.

All our homes are fully future-proofed, so should your care needs change in the future, there’s no need to retrofit or make costly wholesale adaptions your home.

What’s more, every Brio Retirement home is designed with cutting-edge smart technology as standard, meaning you can monitor your energy usage with ease.

Finally, our pre-agreed monthly fees mean you don't have to worry about unexpected bills. They cover the utility costs for the communal areas, the upkeep of the grounds and gardens, as well as the broadband/Wi-Fi in your property, the maintenance of your home along with  24/7 support from our on-site team.

You pay for your own private use of heating, electricity and water supply, but everything included in your monthly Brio Retirement fee is fully itemised, so you never have to worry about unexplained charges or hidden fees.

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Who said predictable had to be boring?

Our pre-agreed monthly fees may be predictable, but life in a Brio Retirement community is anything but boring. We offer a wide range of facilities including a fitness studio (so you can cancel your current costly gym membership!), brasserie, bar and coffee lounge, a community hub, plus plenty of organised events and activities.

Want to hear more?

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