Essential spring gardening tasks

If the seemingly never-ending winter weather has prevented you from spending time in your garden, now is the time to finally venture out. Spring has arrived, so roll up your sleeves – there is work to be done!

Whether you dream of spending your summer out on a perfectly manicured lawn, watching the bees and butterflies dance amongst the flowers, entertaining friends on a pretty patio, or simply relaxing on an easy-to-maintain balcony, spring is the perfect time to start bringing your garden vision to life.

Read on as we share our top six essential spring tasks to get your started…

1. Hardscaping: Before popping to the garden centre and getting carried away buying a trolley-load of bulbs and plants, it’s best to assess the current state of your garden. Take the time to inspect your retaining walls, fences, balcony rails, raised beds, trellises and garden chairs. Do they need a little sprucing up with a coat of paint or wood stain? Or do they require some major repair work? If you’re handy with a hammer, spend the afternoon making sure everything is safe and secure. Or enlist the help of a joiner to tackle the more demanding jobs.

2. Spring cleaning: Sweep paths, remove broken branches and rake up any fallen leaves. Use a net to scoop out any debris lurking in ponds and water features. Then give your bird bath and bird feeders a good scrub. Mix up 1 part bleach to 5 parts water for a solution that will get rid of any potentially harmful germs

3. Pruning: Dust off your secateurs and cut back any herbaceous perennials that didn’t get cut in autumn. Prune your hydrangeas to guarantee beautiful blooms in the summer. For shrubs and trees, cut off any dead or diseased branches to encourage better growth and more flowers

4. Mowing: The first grass cut of the year is a highly anticipated moment for many gardeners. Preparation is key – be sure to remove any twigs and stones to avoid damaging your lawnmower and always wait until the grass is dry. Finally, go easy! Remember the one third rule – never cut more than a third of the length of grass off in one go as this can stress the grass. So, for the first cut of the year, set your lawnmower blades to 5mm higher than your usual cut.

5. Dividing perennials: If your perennials did well last year and they’ve now outgrown their current position, transplant them to a spot with more space so they can continue to grow, or divide them up for double the joy. The key is to plant them quickly and water them well to give them the best start in their new home.

6. Filling up planters: Add a burst of long-awaited colour by filling up pots and window boxes with pansies, petunias and geraniums. Get creative with your containers and repurpose discarded items to add a quirky twist to your garden. Old teapots, tins, sinks, wheelbarrows and tyres all make fantastic planters.

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