Brio, a place where furry friends are welcome

From cute little Cockapoos to gamesome Great Danes – dogs bring unlimited joy to our lives. Their love is unconditional, the entertainment they provide is endless, and studies have shown they can have a hugely positive effect on our health too.

We’re celebrating all that’s fabulous about our four-legged furry friends and exploring why a dog really is a retiree’s best friend…

The benefits of owning a dog

  1. They combat loneliness: A dog is a constant companion, always there with an affectionate lick and an eagerness to please. They lend an ear without answering back, provide endless entertainment, and always greet you with the warmest of welcomes.

  2. They help you to socialise: Walking your dog is a great way to meet other people, you’ll soon start to recognise the same familiar faces on your regular route. Plus, dogs have a fantastic knack for breaking the ice with strangers who will probably find it hard to resist those puppy-dog eyes and want to pet and play with your dog whilst striking up a conversation with you.

  3. They encourage exercise: Come rain or shine, most dogs love heading out for a walk. The regular walks help to keep you active and provide a vital opportunity to top up the vitamin D levels, thus having a hugely positive effect on your physical health.

  4. They reduce stress and anxiety: Owning a dog can have a positive impact on your mental health too. Several studies have shown that spending time gently petting a dog can help to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, and can help reduce feelings of anxiety.

  5. They give you routine: Keeping a regular routine is so important in terms of maintaining your health and wellbeing, and a dog can certainly help you with that. They’ll be sure to let you know exactly when it’s time for breakfast and walkies!

  6. They help you to overcome trauma: The calming nature of many dogs can have a genuinely soothing effect, helping people recover from trauma, such as a bereavement.

  7. They strengthen your immune system: Many dogs love to have a good roll around in the mud (or worse) but that’s actually a good thing! Owning a dog can help to boost your microbiome by exposing you to different bacteria, having a diversifying effect on your internal flora and boosting your immune system.
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A community for all, large or small

Ask any dog-lover and they will say their dog is part of the family. So when looking to move house, it’s only natural that a dog owner will have questions and concerns about how their canine companion will settle in.

Here at Brio Retirement Living, we understand those concerns and we work hard to ensure our communities are open and welcoming to all, even the furriest members of your family! All our communities are pet-friendly and we even offer dog walking service for those who need it.

Come and explore our beautifully designed properties, our extensive facilities, and our inviting green open spaces. We’d love to show you why our residents, and their beloved dogs, have chosen Brio as the place to call home.

To arrange your visit, just head to our contact page.