10 reasons you don’t have to be lonely this Christmas

Many people will be spending Christmas on their own this year – either by choice or as the result of circumstances beyond their control. For some, the prospect of being alone on Christmas Day is rather daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there are many reasons why a solo celebration could be something to actually look forward to. Here are our top 10…

1. Enjoy being in control

Embrace not having to rush around and be anywhere at a particular time, or having to keep others fed, watered and entertained all day! Instead, do whatever you want, whenever you want. Whether that’s eating Christmas pudding for breakfast or staying in pyjamas all day – you write the rules.

2. Be kind to yourself

Christmas is a time for giving, of course, but don’t forget to treat yourself too. It could be a cosy new jumper that you buy for yourself and save for the big day, or something as simple as a new decoration that you wait until Christmas morning to hang on your tree. Indulge in a lovely lunch, then crack open a box of chocolates and enjoy a sherry or two – it’s Christmas after all!

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3. Keep your traditions and memories alive

Find comfort in your earliest or fondest Christmas memories by looking through old photos, writing down your thoughts, or creating a scrapbook.

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4. Head outdoors

Going out for some fresh air, gentle exercise and a dose of vitamin D can do wonders for lifting your mood. Christmas Day can be an especially good day for exploring your surroundings – when everyone else is indoors, the quiet stillness offers an opportunity to listen to birdsong and connect with nature.

5. Ease the pressure

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have the picture perfect day. Remember you are not the only one on your own and it is just one day. And if you would rather not celebrate it at all, that’s entirely your prerogative.

6. Escape it all

If you feel tinges of loneliness creeping in, you can distract yourself by losing yourself in a good book or a challenging puzzle. Or you can literally escape it all by planning a trip overseas in search of some winter sun.

7. Connect with others

Even if you don’t plan to meet anyone in person on Christmas Day, you can connect virtually with friends and family across the world online. For the tech savvy, you can head to Twitter and follow the hashtag #JoinIn to interact with others on their own on Christmas Day. Or you can use the good old-fashioned phone and chat to a call companion, thanks to charities such as Age UK and Re-engage.

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8. Give your time

Not everything closes for Christmas, places such as soup kitchens provide their important services every day of the year. So why not volunteer at one. It could be a great way to meet others and feel good about yourself for helping others less fortunate than yourself.

9. Perform a random act of kindness

No one to buy a present for? Why not put a little love and kindness out into the world by performing a random act of kindness. Bake a cake for a neighbour, leave a good book on a park bench for someone else to enjoy, or write a note with a positive message and pop it on someone’s car windscreen. Giving a little joy to others – it’s what Christmas is all about.

10. Focus on the year ahead

Turn any negative thoughts into positive hopes for the year ahead. The New Year will be here soon enough, bringing 365 days of opportunity. Think about your aspirations, goals and wishes for the coming year and start planning how to make them happen.

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Feel part of a community

One of the best ways to keep loneliness at bay is to be part of something – a community that keeps you active and engaged, and makes you feel like you really belong.

Brio Retirement Living offers just that. These age-exclusive communities feature a range of carefully designed homes all set within vibrant surroundings, where welcoming facilities and regular activities bring together residents to share and explore new experiences together.

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