We pride ourselves on being flexible enough to change in line with someone’s changing requirements.

For example, you may just wish for help with certain tasks. If this is the case, our personal care services can help with everything from getting into or out of bed, washing and bathing through to maintaining personal appearance and dressing.

Our team can also prepare meals and drinks throughout the day or just at certain times. In addition, they can go along to medical or other appointments. And, if supervision of medication is needed, we can ensure it is taken correctly at all times, as well as provide short term care during illness or recuperation.

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A range of support services

We can also take the weight off your shoulders by doing all those jobs that might be a bit too much. These more domestic services can include cleaning around the home so everything stays spotless, doing the laundry and ironing, and even being an on-site handyman doing odd jobs around the house.

As well as these domestic chores, the team can also lend a helping hand with any bills and paperwork, being a trusted and competent choice for keeping everything in order.

Such is the team’s range of services they can even help residents get and stay online by giving IT advice and support. This can even include using social networking sites. Or, if someone prefers more traditional face-to-face interactions, give the support needed to join social networks both in the retirement community and wider community which might be of interest.

Last and by no means least, we can even provide a personal trainer who can give regular one-on-one exercise tailored to a resident’s fitness level.

The discreet care you require

As we understand that care, support and domestic services are a very personal issue, we provide all our services with the utmost discretion at all times. In this way we give you the peace of mind that we prize your privacy as much as you do. We find that our homeowners are reassured to know that should they ever need us, we can be there for them. Especially as they soon discover that our trained on-site team, who are registered with the Care Quality Commission and the Care Inspectorate, can be relied on day or night 365-days a year.

As you can see there is almost no end to the services we offer, giving you the right level of discreet care you require. This is all part of our aim to ensure that everyone enjoys a healthy lifestyle and a brighter future for all.

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