Picture of Brio Retirement homes

High Quality Homes

Our homes are intended to meet a wide range of needs and budgets, and each Brio community features a selection of bungalows or cottages and apartments.

Brio homes are carefully designed to complement the unique surroundings of each individual development, so that our communities add to the existing local character. Whether this means matching the local heritage of Northern Scotland at Chapelton, taking inspiration from the Cotwolds’ rural setting in Stow-on-the Wold, or reflecting the surrounding architecture in Hackbridge, we consider local context extensively when planning our communities.

Community Life

Each Brio community comprises far more than just housing. We base our communities around a Hub featuring a range of amenities, to make life more enjoyable and inspiring, at a pace our homeowners choose – both indoors and outdoors.

Enjoy fantastic food and drink at Slate & Grain, our Brasserie & Bar, stay active in the fitness suite or enjoy the beautifully landscaped green spaces. The Homeowners Club Lounge and Hobby/multi-purpose room are shared social spaces perfect for getting together with friends and neighbours to enjoy and share a wide range of creative hobbies or pastimes, organised events or impromptu social gatherings.

Every Brio Community is also an integrated part of the wider community, with careful placement and planning to allow homeowners to benefit from the facilities, services and entertainment of the local area.

Discreet Care & Support

As a retirement living provider, care and support forms an integral part of our offering, and we provide 24-hour, 7-day support from trained staff, delivered by Brio Care. We tailor our care options to meet individual customers’ specific needs, and ensure they are flexible to adapt as those needs change.

While we integrate the provision of these services directly into our developments, we also understand the desire for sensitivity when it comes to care. We are careful to discuss and deliver our support services with discretion, giving residents the peace of mind that their privacy is assured.

Outdoor Living

We place great emphasis on the quality of our apartments, cottages and bungalows, but our approach to a happy and fulfilling retirement doesn’t end at the front door of a home. We are equally dedicated to providing private outdoor space and welcoming and attractive outdoor environments, with landscaped gardens and beautiful community features.

We believe in the benefits of happy and fruitful outdoor living, at whatever pace our homeowners desire. Rediscovering green fingers in private gardens, enjoying country walks along our Exercise Trails, participating in outdoor events with fellow homeowners, or simply dining al fresco on the patio or balcony – a wealth of options await.

Shared Experience

Moving into retirement doesn’t mean that a lifetime of experience and knowledge becomes irrelevant – far from it. Age is no barrier to making a contribution, nor to learning new skills.

At Brio, we invite homeowners to participate in a variety of skills-sharing programmes. If our homeowners would like to explore new hobbies and activities, then we have plenty to offer. Or if they want to contribute their own knowledge and experience to help others, then we’ll offer the perfect platform to do so.

Whether imparting knowledge, gaining it or a mix of both, every Brio homeowner is welcome to enjoy the benefits of shared experience.

Assisted Smart Technology

A modern home means making the most of modern technology, and a Brio home contains a wide range of features and smart technology, intended to make life altogether more practical as well as future-proofing for many years to come.

At a minimum, each of our homes will include their own dedicated control system, offering access to features such as temperature control, energy monitoring and direct communication both with on-site staff and external links to friends and family. Using the latest in-home technology, homeowners will even be able to connect this system to their own smart devices if they choose.


Gentleman interacting with installed technology