Vision for Poundbury

An exclusive retirement village in Poundbury near Dorchester, built according to architectural principles advocated by the Prince of Wales.

The Vision for Poundbury

In 1989, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales published the book A Vision of Britain, setting out his beliefs in certain timeless principles of British architecture and urban planning. Poundbury is the living embodiment of these principles.

Since development started over twenty years ago, Poundbury has demonstrated that there is a genuine alternative to the way in which we build new communities in this country, and challenges many of the planning assumptions of the latter part of the twentieth century.

Poundbury is an urban extension to the town of Dorchester, and is designed to give priority to people rather than cars, creating a walkable and pleasant community in which people live, work, shop and play. Over 3,000 people now live in Poundbury, with 2,000 people working across 180 shops, cafes, offices and other local businesses.

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Information for Families

Brio Poundbury will be placed on currently vacant agricultural land, in the Northern Quadrant which is currently under development as the third phase of Poundbury’s development. This will make Liberty accessible not only to the amenities that will be created as part of this phase, but also linked directly to the two existing quadrants with everything they currently have to offer.

Our retirement village will adhere to the principles and characteristics that make Poundbury such an attractive place to live, while also remaining in keeping with the wider character of Dorchester.