Vision for Chapelton

A modern town with traditional values

Brio Retirement Village is nestled in the newly created town of Chapelton. From this blank canvas a new community is springing to life. One with a strong sense of community that makes Chapelton a wonderful place to live.

It is this sense of belonging that makes Chapelton a modern setting with old-fashioned traditional values - offering the best of old and new in perfect harmony. These are just a few of the reasons why this sought-after spot is putting quality living on the map.

At the heart of this community will lie a picturesque town centre and a large park. Six surrounding neighbourhoods linked by a network of paths will also make this a walker's paradise. Over the coming years, these distinct districts will grow to include their own primary schools, parks, cafes, offices and shops, adding fresh colour to the town and making this a place that people are proud to call home.

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Information for Families

A great place to live, a superb location for life

The Brio Chapelton Retirement Village is in an ideal location, close to local amenities and scenic views of the surrounding coast and countryside. Set in the heart of the new Cairnhill neighbourhood, this is a community within a community designed to give its residents the benefits of ample green spaces and pedestrianised areas.

Great care has also been taken to complement the surrounding landscape and create a traditional village feel with all the benefits of contemporary living.

Building the future and protecting the present

To make sure the ongoing construction causes the minimum of disruption to residents, each phase of building work will move progressively further away from existing homes. All construction traffic will also be directed away from the village - ensuring Chapelton's peaceful roads stay congestion-free.